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My Kingdom - Double ZipLock Breastmilk Storage Bag (25 bags) *4oz --

next My Kingdom - Double ZipLock Breastmilk Storage Bag (25 bags) *4oz --

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* Pre-sterilized Double Zip Lock Bags with leak poof

* Proven food grade material for long and safe breastmilk storage 

* Self-standing design.

Writable area to record date/ time / volume.

* Sealed seams for cleanliness cut or tear before use.

* Tear open at bottomfor Extra Hygiene and prevent spills and prevent spills



* Open the milk bag by gently tearing off the seal at the top and pulling the zipper seal apart

 * Pour breastmilk gently into storage bag

* Leave some room at the top of the storage to allow expansion when milk freeze 

* Seal the bag closed and mark the details on the bag 

* Bay lay flat for compact freezer storage



* To throw breastmilk, place stealed bag in refrigerator or run under cold tap water 

 * To warm breastmilk, place sealed bag or pour desire portion to feeding bottle and warm with warm water or warmer 


【Warning 】:

*  Do Not microwave breastmilk 


 * Do Not thaw breastmilk in very hot or boiling water

 * Do Not refreeze thawed breastmilk 

 * Do Not Discard storage bag after used





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